Disability Claim Denied

If your disability claim has been denied, you might be scared, discouraged and confused. Your feelings are valid, but don’t panic — and don’t give up. You can fight the decision and file an appeal.

Why Your Claim May Have Been Denied

If you have questions or concerns regarding your Social Security disability benefits denial, call our Utah Disability Application office for a free evaluation.

Suffering from an injury or diagnosis which puts you out of work and alters your life is stressful, especially if your disability claim has been denied. However, initial rejections are common; nearly 65 percent of applicants are denied disability benefits after their first application. Many have tried again successfully, so there’s hope for you!

Here are some reasons your application may have been rejected:

  • Incomplete
  • Improperly filled out
  • Lacked crucial medical evidence
  • Failure to follow treatment or failure to cooperate

However, every situation is unique. None of these reasons may apply to you. Once you figure out why you were denied, it’s time to file an appeal.

social security disability claim denied

How to File an Appeal

Regardless of the situation, we work with you to file an appeal. In most cases, appeals are filed online.

Here are some other factors and considerations:

  • If your case requires a paper appeal, contact your local Social Security office for the necessary forms.
  • You can call Social Security directly to file an appeal. The national office number is 800-772-1213.
  • If your income was too high or you were denied for other technical reasons, you may qualify for a different type of benefit than the one you applied for.

Act quickly, because Social Security allows 60 days to appeal a decision. If you miss this deadline, you may have to start over and file a new application.

We can help you through the appeal process, which often starts with the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) application, reconsideration and appeals process.

Once the appeal is filed, our team will request a hearing before a judge. At the hearing, you will be represented by a Utah Disability Application attorney, and if your case makes it past that stage, a Social Security Disability Appeals Council will review the evidence.

Utah’s Disability Advocates Are Here to Help You

Advocates like the compassionate Utah Disability Application team are here to help you fully understand your situation. We assist during the initial application process, help you prepare for your appeal, attend your hearing, assist with paperwork and offer moral support during your journey.

Having an experienced advocate on your side is the best way to ensure your case moves through the process as quickly as possible. Our team has a vast knowledge of the Social Security application process and insight into Utah approval requirements. Call our office today!

The form below allows you to request a free evaluation for disability benefits. Complete the form and a disability advocate will give you a call to review your case!

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